Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 5/10.

Not much, but a lot of sexual jokes. Sometimes explicit.

- A woman is shown only wearing a bra and a thong and the man zooms the camera on her buttocks.

- A man secretly films a couple having sex. (not graphic)

- A man tells a woman: "You're Just As Hot As Britney Spears" and he offenses her.

- A man tells that there are stones larger then his d*ck.

- A reference to sex.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

A man's head is ripped off by one of the Infected (shown from a distance but still quite graphic!)

We see a corpse laying in a field with it's head missing.

A man is shot through the leg (blood sprays).

A man's arm is broken (we hear a cracking sound).

A man is beaten to death with a cane (we see his bloody face).

We see Infected men vomiting blood and goo and their skin slowly melt off.

A man is beaten and his nose graphically flattens (shown in graphic detail).

A man is shot through the chest (blood sprays).

We see a dead man with parts of his head missing.

A man is shown laying injured with his legs blown off.He screams in pain.

There are images shown of SWAT teams shooting on the Infected (blood spraying everywhere).


Profanity: 5/10.

8 F-words in total. Strong uses of sexual remarks, some racial insults and scatological terms.

Some sexual references.


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