Y Día Sanchez said that he wanted to direct a remake to Beethoven because he loved the original franchise.

First film of Sanchez since Miles Away which is a comedy/familyfilm.

John Hughes, the writer of the original franchise, co-wrote the script with Sanchez.

Hughes said he originally didn't wanted a 3D film because it would make the 3D more important then the message. After Sanchez showed the 3D effects Hughes decided to keep the 3D.

The film was green-lighted after Sanchez showed the script to Hughes, but before that there were other ideas like sequels including Beethoven: Doggie Born a prequel to the first film, Beethoven On A Carpooler another standalone sequel and Beethoven: To The Rescue.

Sanchez has a cameo appearance like usual in his films. In this one, he portrays the veterian who vaccinates Beethoven.

John Hughes has a cameo appearance as a school teacher.

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