Not Rated | 1 hr 10 min | Comedy.

A young man continually tries to do something nice for his friend's birthday, but his girlfriend just left him, only to have his efforts backfire.


Harry Melling - Mickey Burnett.

Puck van de Beek - Clarence Pool.

Chloe Moretz - Misty.

Kees Coolen - Aron Cullen.

Billy Otis - Lenny Parker.

Juan Keeris - Radio Station Receptionist.

Plot Keywords: Friends/ Birthday/ Planning/ Effort/ Nice Guy/ Friendship/ Consequences/ Crime/ Chaos.

MPAA: Not Rated.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for My Best Friend's Birthday.

Also Known As: None.

Trivia for My Best Friend's Birthday.

FAQ for My Best Friend's Birthday.

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