R | 2 hrs 7 min | Action/ Crime/ Sport/ Thriller.

A famous well-known car racer, known for his cheating and agression, is offered by a mysterious businessman to play in a race in which the opponents have to kill each other during the game while on the road to victory. In the meantime, they're welcomed by sexy ladies and endangered by agressive hooligans.


Sylvester Stallone - Speedo Mike "Mickey".

Will Smith - Earl Mulder.

Paul Sorvino - Robert Ethan.

Puck van de Beek - Dillan The Bartender.

Jessica Alba - The Waitress.

Plot Keywords: illegal street race/ professional/ organization/ fatally/ hooligans/ sexy ladies/ miles per hour.

MPAA: Rated R for strong action and bloody violence throughout, and for language.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Brutal Speed.

Also Known As: Puck van de Beek's Brutal Speed.

Trivia for Brutal Speed.

FAQ for Brutal Speed.

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